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Our consultant surgeons Urologists/Andrologists

Our doctors have played leading roles in the development, co-development or improvement of many of the modern surgical techniques currently standard throughout the world as well as pioneering holistic treatments of male sexual dysfunction and sub-fertility.

In addition to the individual medical excellence, what really differentiates us is the collaboration that IA promotes between our physicians. The surgical techniques and treatments that we offer are constantly improved based on the collective experiences of our doctors which is facilitated through continuous training and advanced data capture and analytical systems shared across all our practices. Difficult cases are reviewed collectively and we will always aim to arrange for our most specialist doctors to lead these.

Mr. Amr Raheem

Mr. Amr Raheem

Consultant Andrologist

Mr. Amr Raheem is a specialist in Andrology at the University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He has a wealth of experience, spanning more than fifteen years, in this highly-specialised field.
His main clinical areas of interest are: Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronies Disease, complex Penile Reconstruction, microsurgery and infertility & contraception.

Mr. Nenad Djokovic

Mr. Nenad Djakovic

Consultant Surgeon Uro Andrologist

Mr. Nenad Djakovic is an international acclaimed specialist for reconstructive urogenital surgery, paediatric urology and andrology. He graduated from the Medical University in Ulm – Germany and he was the first fellow trained by Prof. Dr. Sava Perovic who pioneered the field of reconstructive urological surgery. During his career, he worked at the general hospital in Altötting, at the University Clinic Mainz- Department of Urology and at the world-famous University Clinic of Heidelberg, where he was recently appointed vice-chair of the Department of Urology.


Mr. Giulio Garaffa

Consultant Surgeon Urologist-Andrologist

Mr. Giulio Garaffa trained in Italy and the UK before being appointed as a Consultant Uro-Andrological Surgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Urology at the Institute of Urology, University College London Hospitals. He is considered one of the leading experts in the field of Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronies Disease, complex Penile Reconstruction, microsurgery and Male Sub-fertility.


Angela Gregory

Sexual Therapist & Psychosexual Counsellor

For 17 years, Angela has been the lead for Sex Therapy in an NHS Clinic established to help men and women with a very wide range of sexual difficulties and is an accredited member of the College of Sexual & Relationship Therapy (COSRT). She has vast experience working with men with erectile dysfunction, premature and inhibited ejaculation, loss of sexual self-confidence, sexual anxiety and body image issues. As part of a multi-disciplinary team, she is knowledgeable about all aspects of sexual medicine and values working closely with medical colleagues to provide the best outcome for men with sexual difficulties.