Amazing new research breakthrough reports that an active sex life in older age improves brain function, clarity and cognitive responses.

A new research study by Oxford University and Coventry University has revealed that regular sexual activity in individuals aged 50 – 83 can improve cognitive brain functionally, improved language skills and memory sharpness.

This result indicates the power the brain has to make improvements as it ages and the benefits of all sorts of physical activity, well into what is considered older years.
Sexual activity is still a much-studied area of the human condition but we have seen past reports indicating positive endorphin releases, health benefits such as burning fat and improving heart rates through intimacy.

Unfortunately, the older men get, the occurrence of Erectile Dysfunction can increase which can prove to be an impediment to these activities.

Recent reports have shown that Shockwave therapy for older men can help to prevent future Erectile Dysfunction situations by healing damaged muscle tissue.
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