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International Andrology London is an advanced Men's Healthcare clinic. A member of International Andrology, the world’s leading network of physician owned andrological practices, having successfully treated over 40,000 patients.

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Our doctors are true pioneers having played major roles in the development and improvement of many of the modern uro-genital operating techniques and andrological treatments.

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Pioneering Medicine

We offer the most advanced treatments for men’s health always applying the latest medical research and technological developments.


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International Andrology London

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Penis Size Anxiety – what can be done about it?

Penis enlargement is somewhat of an unspoken subject amongst many groups of males, which seems odd, considering that it has been reported that half of all men would like a bigger penis. Then again, it’s hardly surprising that this isn’t a popular choice of...

What Causes a Bent Penis and Can it Be Treated?

A curved or bent penis when erect is a normal and common physical condition – an upward curve being the most common. Generally speaking, a slight upward curve is anatomically normal and often desirable. In some cases, the curve may be downwards or to the left or...

Is it Possible to Father Children with Male Sub-Fertility?

Around 15% of couples are infertile or are experiencing some form of difficulty conceiving a child, despite frequent and unprotected sexual intercourse across an extended period of time. There are many causes and influences in this area, including male sub-fertility....