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Why you should have your treatment with us

International Andrology is the only international healthcare group focusing exclusively on men’s health and male urogenital reconstructive surgery. Our first practice was established in 1990 and since then our doctors have treated over 40,000 andrological patients and performed more than 10,000 specialist male uro-genital surgeries.

This means that we are extremely focused, specialised and experienced in what we do.

  • We continuously update and refine our diagnostic and treatment protocols and integrate the latest medical innovations in our day to day practice – when you are treated by us you can rest assured that we are always applying the latest evidence-based medical treatments in our field
  • Our medical professionals are true specialists, who are committed and practice exclusively in the general field of andrology

Our deep medical specialization is complemented by our unparalleled focus on patient care, which is exemplified in the following ways:

  • We always strive to provide to our patients with transparent and extensive information about our services and their treatment options, which we hope is also evident from this website
  • Our non-medical personnel and patient co-ordinators have undergone extensive training and are available 24/7 to assist our patients before, during and after their treatment
  • We place particular importance on our patient’s choices and privacy ensuring that they are always comfortable with our services





  • 5 Clinics Worldwide

  • 40,000+ Patients Treated

  • Men's Health Experts

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