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International Andrology London


International Andrology London

International Andrology London offers the latest treatments in men’s healthcare. Our clinic is a proud member of International Andrology (IA), an international collaborative network of the leading practitioners of Andrology. Our doctors are experienced Urologist-Andrologist surgeons and have played major roles in the development, co-development or improvement of many of the modern surgical techniques currently standardised throughout the world as well as pioneering holistic treatments covering a broad range of men’s health.

In addition to the individual medical excellence, what really differentiates us is the collaboration that IA promotes between our physicians. The surgical techniques and treatments that we offer are constantly improved based on the collective experiences of our doctors which is facilitated through continuous training and advanced data capture and analytical systems shared across all our practices. Difficult cases are reviewed collectively and we will always aim to arrange for our most specialist doctors to lead these.

Our international network

We have set up a network of practices where our patients can consult our world leading doctors, discuss personalised treatment options and receive advanced treatments for their Andrological and urological concerns. A number of our practices are ideally located in popular holiday destinations, where you can combine holidays with your consultation or treatment. You can contact your local clinic or email us to discuss your options at info@london-andrology.co.uk and our patient communication personnel will be in touch to make arrangements.

International Andrology London

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United Kingdom

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