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Their comments have not been altered in any way, and their experiences are their own. Whereas the testimonials are published anonymously for privacy reasons, most of our patients that have provided testimonials can be contacted via email or phone – please contact us for further information.

Surgery and Treatment results and benefits vary and are different for every individual. Specific results cannot be guaranteed.

An account of one man’s experience of low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave at International Andrology London under the supervision of Mr Amr Raheem.

Andrology is bound to be a sensitive subject, one that is not spoken of much and, if at all, then only between intimate associates or between the patient and his doctor.

While it’s important that the treatment, e. g., of Erectile Dysfunction, be based on validated science, it is equally important that patients feel that their treatment is more than just scientific; it must be humane, in the broadest sense, too.

On both these counts, I, a former patient, want to pay tribute to andrologist and surgeon, Mr Amr Raheem, MD, PhD and to his clinical colleague, Sean Farrell. There can be no doubt about Amr’s deep understanding of, and research into, his special subject, Andrology; Sean, too, manifests total competence in the application of complex technology to sometimes anxious patients.; his skills and ‘bed-side-manner’ are confidence-inspiring.

Amr and Sean are at the top of their game. But, in the arena of Andrology, there is a need to go beyond ‘mere’ technical competence, which one ought to be able to take for granted in any clinical situation.

What is so noteworthy about the treatment by Amr and Sean is the humane warmth and understanding which they show to their patients; indeed, it’s that, which prompts me to write in fulsome, but not exaggeratedly so, terms about what I recently experienced at International Andrology London.

There is a further important aspect of treatment at International Andrology London, which is worthy of note for anyone considering treatment there: International Andrology London’s reception and treatment rooms are impeccably maintained and pristine from top to bottom; this is a welcome feature but one that, regrettably, is not universally available in clinical settings.

Prof B.C (London)

Erectile Dysfunction - Shockwave Therapy

“The staff have many years of experience and they know what they are doing”

“I did the penis enlargement because I was not satisfied with its girth. I read many negative things online about the surgery but everything went well and I felt comfortable doing it. I would recommend this clinic, the staff have many years of experience and they know what they are doing!
I contacted International Andrology after doing research and although I was nervous about the surgery the staff explained the procedure in detail and everyone was very friendly and treated me very well.”

S.M (London)

Penis Enlargement - Girth

I am very happy to recommend International Andrology. The care and aftercare given by the doctors, patient coordinators and other staff have been superb. I have been suffering from distal flaccidity/hourglass in the penis due to an injury and was initially prescribed Cialis and vacuum therapy. While these have definitely helped, the problem is not yet fully resolved. At the follow-up appointment, my doctor recommended combining the Cialis with shockwave therapy to improve the smooth muscle in my penis. In addition, he suggested seeing a psycho-sexual counsellor to deal with anxiety issues. I have every confidence in the services provided since they are experts in their field. Richard Edwards (44, Staffordshire)

Erectile Dysfunction


The surgeon (Mr Amr Raheem) was thorough, sensitive and down to earth, making an awkward and uncomfortable issue a manageable experience. Condition and treatments well explained. Very satisfied.
Staff were friendly and supportive and the atmosphere was professional yet relaxing too.

J. K. (London)

Peyronies Examination


After reading lots of, mainly negative, reviews regarding phalloplasty and fat transfer techniques I was quite terrified on the day however in reality I was made very comfortable, in a very uncomfortable situation, and the whole procedure went well and the result, so far, are fantastic,  better than expected.

D. S. (London)

Penis Enlargement


I am 31 years old and have suffered from erectile dysfunction for two and a half years. The problem started with weakened erections and got progressively worse to the point where I had no erections whatsoever for over a year.
I had my blood checked and had spoken to various doctors who were unable to help me and assumed the problem was simply psychogenic due to my age. However, I knew that wasn’t possible because I was still unable to get erections at any time whilst I was alone. Nor did I ever wake up with morning erections.
It was only when I came to International Andrology London that I was able to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. The problem was with the penile soft muscle which for some reason was no longer strong enough for erections.
I was first put on Cialis daily for six weeks and saw a small difference. I noticed that when aroused, I would get a little bigger down there but I still wasn’t getting erections. During my next consultation, I was told to continue the daily Cialis but combine it with linear shockwave therapy.
I finished six 20 minute sessions of this completely painless and simple procedure just five weeks ago and am delighted to say that the treatment has been a success. I am now able to get erections strong enough for penetration about 70% of the time. This is a staggering improvement compared to how bad things were just a few weeks ago and had been for such a long time.
About three weeks after the final treatment, I started to wake up with morning erections for the first time in two years. They are not always very strong but again, the improvement is huge.
I am still going through the healing process which is evident because I can still sometimes feel a very subtle tingling sensation in the penis.
Overall, I am delighted that I am once again able to have penetrative sex. Though my erection strength is sometimes still not perfect, I know that the treatment works and as my doctor has recommended, I am going to give myself more time to heal and see how much further the improvement goes. If necessary, I will come back for a couple of ‘booster’ sessions.

Joseph Nelson (31 years old, London)

Erectile Dysfunction


International Andrology did an excellent job for me! The doctor was able to diagnose in a few minutes something I had sporadically lived with for thirty years. He recommended shockwave treatment and the results have been great. Together with a 5g Cialis tablet daily my condition has largely been cured. For those on a limited income who may say “it is too much money” I would say “what price happiness?” The outcome for me has been transformational-both physically and psychologically.

Conor (26)

Erectile Dysfunction


Firstly let me say that I was so relieved to find a surgeon who could perform this operation after years of struggling with the effects of Peyronie’s disease, the psychological and emotional impact of which was very difficult and the NHS could only offer an old approach to this illness which seemed like ‘butchery’ in comparison to what the surgeon is trained in … and secondly to say what a good surgeon he is!! The treatment went really well, I felt cared about and looked after both by the doctor and his assistant, the nursing staff were compassionate and the new facilities at the new clinic looked even better which I am sure will benefit future patients.

David (46)

Peyronie’s Disease

I was impressed with the London Andrology clinic from the patient intake to surgery. The doctor and his intake coordinator were extremely helpful especially since I travelled from the US to London for surgery. My doctor was extremely friendly, patient, and professional throughout the consultation and surgical procedure. He is truly a perfectionist and has a zeal for his craft. I highly recommend anyone who is seeking services to correct penile curvature issues.


Congenital Penile Curvature Correction

Firstly I have to say that the time from my initial inquiry to my walking out with the operation completed was only ten days, which I thought was pretty impressive. I was also very impressed by the professional manner in which both the patient co-ordination team and my surgeon answered all my questions and went out of their way to put me at my ease. In addition, on the day of the operation the nursing staff also very kind and helpful. The operation itself went without problems, and now five weeks on it has healed up nicely without any signs of infection. I am now looking forward to the time in a couple of weeks when I can use the implant for its intended purpose. I would certainly recommend International Andrology to anyone contemplating having this operation done.


Penile Implant

Treatment / service is extremely good before and after the operation. It’s great to have the doctors advice and guidance to help you reach the goal you are after for the treatment.


Penile Girth Enhancement

Great service and innovative treatments that actually work.


Erectile Dysfunction Sclerotherapy Treatment

I found my Doctor very approachable and very sympathetic to my personal complaint. After surgery, he was very attentive and available to answer any questions I may have had.

I would have no hesitation in recommending IA London to other patients.


Penile Implant

I cannot praise the entire organization enough. From the superb and responsive and always helpful patient co-ordinator to front desk staff, to the intake nurses, the fantastic anaesthesiologist, and the surgeon himself. At every stage, I was treated with the utmost professionalism and was made to feel calm and secure going into what is a great unknown. I can say that my procedure is a 100% success, even as I’m still in the 4th-month stage of rehabilitation – that said, I’m sexually functional, totally satisfied, and my condition has been completely remedied. My surgeon was and continues to be responsive to all of my questions and concerns, directly and daily if need be, and the staff have gone above and beyond in some specific requests I’ve made. I recommend their services in the highest manner, and am happy to discuss directly with anyone who wishes, by email or phone.


Peyronie's Curvature Correction with Grafting

The operation completely transformed my life. After years of enduring shame and psychological problems due to having a small penis I now am rebuilding my life and starting to enjoy living. My confidence is increasing and feels more ‘normal’. I cannot thank this doctor enough for providing this service.


Penis Enlargement Surgery

The doctor was highly competent and approachable. The assessment was holistic and thorough. The procedure was seamless and efficient. And the clinic was clean and professional. The aftercare and other staff were also very good. Overall, the experience was as good as I could have hoped for and matched the price of the service.


Penile Girth Enhancement

In my opinion, the IA medical and admin team are the best in Europe in dealing with this little known about condition. Their approachable, professional manner is both medically and emotionally supportive and they do their utmost to see their patients through the low times that this condition brings. I cannot recommend them enough.


Peyronie's Curvature Correction with Grafting

Committing to having this procedure done is nerve-wracking and not something which any man would do lightly. However my doctor made the entire process much easier. He was always available, before and afterwards and has an excellent manner. The procedure itself is very straightforward, I was back at home that day, at work within a few days and the initial recovery took about a month. I would highly recommend  IA to anyone debating whether to have the grafting technique. It is not an easy decision to make but you will not regret it if you do.


Peyronie's Curvature Correction with Grafting

I always knew that I was under average with regards to penis size and as far back as I can remember I have always been this size and it felt as if puberty decided to skip me.This was in the back of my mind in several relationships and was put in my face on one or two occasions. I got married a few years ago and I thought ok that’s it, my life is sorted and that from here on size didn’t matter as someone accepted me for what I have got. Well, long story short, my wife cheated on me and her reason was that she wanted to see if it would feel different as she doesn’t feel much when I’m with her. So there you have it…you read and hear things and women tell you its ok but it really isn’t. I was completely destroyed and didn’t want to lose her and didn’t have 10 years and thousands of hours to be pulling on my penis so I started looking for surgeons. You will soon realise that there are a few big names around the world. A Korean surgeon, an American Surgeon and so on and then in Europe, International Andrology. I first spoke to my surgeon and you can feel that this is someone who knows what he talks about and that he really cares about his work and the person in front of him. You are not just a job. I have obviously searched and met a few surgeons but trust me the last thing you want to do is have someone you don’t feel comfortable with to play around with your member with a scalpel. Going for the surgery was the easiest part of everything. The consultant and the surgeon walk you through the complete process and the nursing staff are super professional and discreet. I was worried that people would look at me funny and that I would feel uncomfortable because everyone will know why I’m there but it was not the case. My Doctor saw me after surgery, he saw me the following day and we kept in touch while healing because I had a million questions and was emailing him pics and he never made me feel uncomfortable and always had time to talk to me. The medication he gave ensured that the following weeks was easy and pain-free.


Penis Enlargement Surgery

My Doctor was great at providing information about the procedure, attentive to the things that needed to be corrected. Currently still in the healing process so the final result of the outcome of the operation is still unknown but so far so good. Everyone at the clinic was polite and organized.


Congenital Penile Curvature Correction

Was very happy with the service provided. Very good consultants and surgeons that made you feel very comfortable.


Penis Enlargement Surgery


I felt very comfortable during the whole process and was delighted with the result.


Congenital Penile Curvature Correction


My surgeon put me at ease from the moment I met him. He was reassuring, confident and genuinely compassionate. Following the procedure, he was in touch daily for as long as I wished. The procedure has been successful and has given my life a new start. Thank you.


Peyronie's Curvature Correction with Grafting


I suffered from Peyronie’s Disease it was awkward and embarrassing when intimate. I was apprehensive about surgery and I researched options. I found International Andrology and the grafting technique. My Doctor put me at ease on the first nerve-wracking consultation. A full assessment and prognosis with plenty of time to consider. My procedure was textbook and the Doctor was attentive before and after surgery. The result is amazing and IA team have been brilliant. My self-confidence has been restored and my embarrassment banished.


Peyronie's Curvature Correction with Grafting


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