Congenital Penile Curvature


What is Congenital Penile Curvature?

Congenital penile curvature is a penile deformity that is present from birth, although it might become evident during puberty. This condition develops because one of the sides of the penis is larger or more elastic than the other, leading to a bent shaped penis. The curvature can be towards the side, upwards or downwards or in some cases a combination of these axes (bi-planar congenital curvature).

The incidence of congenital curvature is rare and estimated to be less than 1% of the male population but in recent years, reports of congenital curvature have increased due to a greater awareness of the problem among patients and physicians.

In our experience, men suffering from congenital penile curvature, tend to have longer penises and usually do not exhibit erectile dysfunction due to this curvature. When the angle of curvature is less than 30 degrees, patients do not seek treatment as sexual intercourse is not affected. However, patients with more severe curvature will invariably complain of the following:

  • Severe pain and difficulty when attempting sexual intercourse experienced by the patient or their partner
  • Embarrassment with their condition due to the abnormal aesthetic appearance of their penis; and
  • Further bending during intercourse along the axis of the curvature – this is particularly worrying as it might lead to penis fracture or potentially Peyronie’s disease.

Due to the anatomical nature of congenital penile curvature, treatment is only possible through uro-genital surgery. However, this need not worry the patients since when performed by experienced doctors employing the latest operating techniques, congenital penile curvature is 100% treatable with minimal complications and aesthetically excellent results.

I believe I am suffering from a Congenital Penile curvature, what should I do next?

If you believe you are suffering from Penile curvature and it causes you significant concern we advise you to see a specialist urologist/andrologist.

Our doctors have extensive experience treating curvature and our clinic is an international referral centre for patients suffering from this condition. We would be happy to review your case and treat you in our clinic.