Ground breaking research published on the use of Xiapex to treat Peyronie’s disease in men

New research published in the June edition of BJUI (Official Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons) by International Andrology doctors Mr. Amr Raheem, amongst others, concludes that current Xiapex (aka Xiaflex) treatment protocols can be changed to better suit patient’s lifestyles, reduce the number of injections and appointments required, saving patients time and money, while creating successful results.

Mr. Raheem &amp and his research medical collaborators have developed this study over a period of 12 weeks, following the treatment progression of 53 men with severe cases of Peyronie’s disease. Patients were given 3 intra-lesional injections of CCH (0.9mg) at 4 weekly intervals using a new modified injection technique.
These patients suffered from the Peyronie’s curvature caused by plaque build-up on their penis which visually represents as an upward curvature of men’s organs. This condition makes sexual activity extremely difficult or renders it impossible and can cause some men discomfort and mental anguish as well as that of their partners.
This new treatment protocol, using the medication Xiapex, provides a lifeline to men suffering from this debilitating condition. By proving that this treatment protocol is successful, Mr. Raheem and Mr. Garaffa will be able to reduce the time patients need to be treated towards a successful outcome and the number of injections required which some patients find painful. In turn, the treatment for men will be faster, more successful and cost less.
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