Erectile Dysfunction


Surgical Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

While there are many therapy based treatments for erectile dysfunction, some patients do not respond to pharmacological therapy such as Cialis or Viagra and surgical treatment provides the only option.

There are two broad categories of surgeries for erectile dysfunction. The first is vascular surgery, which aims to increase blood inflow to or reduce blood outflow from the penis. The second is penile prosthesis surgery which offers a final and permanent solution to erectile dysfunction irrespective of the underlying causes.

Vascular surgery

This type of surgery is only appropriate for select cases with very specific diagnosed symptoms.

Venoligation or Sclerotherapy

This type of operation decreases the blood outflow from the penis during erections and it is only appropriate for young men with lifelong chronic erectile dysfunction and abnormal ultrasound parameters suggestive of a specific venous leak (increased End Diastolic Velocity). In such cases and before considering an implant, the specialist may recommend to ligate or embolise the deep dorsal vein or a particular abnormal vein demonstrated through Cavernosography.

Penile Revascularisation

This type of operation aims to increase the blood inflow to the penis by increasing the level of vascularization. Appropriate candidates for this operation are diagnosed as suffering lifelong ED and abnormal ultrasound parameters (decreased Peak Systolic Velocity) and localised stenosis, which has been established through an arteriography by your specialist.

Penile Prosthesis Surgery

Penile prosthesis surgery involves replacing the damaged natural erection mechanism (Corpora Cavernosa)with a mechanical device, the penile prosthesis, that in effect allows the patient to induce erections on demand.

We have a dedicated section with extensive information on penile prosthesis – please click here for more information.

I am suffering from erectile dysfunction, what should I do next?

We advise you to book a consultation with one of our highly experienced doctors. The first step towards successful treatment is an accurate diagnosis of potential causes by our specialists.

After this, our doctors will seek to do two things:

  • design a treatment plan that will allow you immediately to achieve a strong erection to continue normal sexual activities
  • design a treatment plan to address the underlying causes of your erectile dysfunction. This means that each treatment we offer in our clinic is highly personalised.

While our doctor’s experience from over 30,000 erectile dysfunction patients allows us to create detailed treatment plans, a majority of doctors limit treatment options to medication, often leaving the underlying causes untreated. This can lead to a life-long dependence on drugs and in many cases, long term, unsuccessful treatment and your dissatisfaction.