Erectile Dysfunction


What Should I Expect from My Consultation with The Doctor?

Erectile dysfunction is a multi-factorial disease and in most cases, it is a symptom of another disturbance. Every patient treated in our clinic will undergo our extensive diagnostic treatment protocol consisting of the following steps:

Initial consultation

During the initial consultation, the patient answers a set of questionnaires that will assist the doctor to benchmark the severity of ED and also identify any suspected underlying health issues.

After that, the doctor will obtain a detailed medical, personal and sexual history and proceed with an extensive general and genital physical examination.

Based on the above, your doctor will decide whether and what type of further investigations are required including blood tests, artificial erection test and imaging – typically these can be carried out on the same day of the initial consultation.

An integral part of this initial consultation is a discussion with you regarding specific risk factors based on your history and the different treatment options available for your individual situation. For the majority of patients, an initial treatment plan will be recommended during this initial consultation.

Follow up consultations

Within 2 weeks of your initial consultation, a follow up will be scheduled to discuss and adjust your recommended treatment plan based on your tests results and any response to treatment at this point. This consultation can be conducted remotely, either over the phone or through a video-conferencing platform. After this, further quarterly (or as appropriate) consultations can be scheduled to evaluate the outcome of your specific treatment.

I am suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, what should I do next?

We advise you to book a consultation with our highly experienced doctors. The first step towards an accurate diagnosis is an investigation of possible causes by our specialists.

After this, our doctors will aim to do two things:

  • design a treatment plan that will allow you to immediately achieve a strong erection to continue normal sexual activities.
  • design a treatment plan to address the underlying causes of your ED, this means that each treatment we offer in our clinic is highly personalised.
If you are not ready to book an appointment to see one of our specialist consultants but looking to buy ED medication then we recommend visiting our partner website Adam Health, where you can buy medication and have them delivered to your address by answering a simple online questionnaire. 

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