Doctors from Cairo University, in collaboration with International Andrology (IA), are close to finding a treatment for erectile dysfunction that will restore the sex lives of millions of men, it was revealed today.

International Andrology, which is headquartered in London, has supported this international clinical trial in association with experts from Cairo University Medical School.
This follows two small pilot studies undertaken earlier this year by IA and Cairo University with early findings published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Professor Hussein Ghanem from Cairo University and Mr. Amr Raheem, a leading specialist at International Andrology London today confirmed exciting emerging results from the clinical trial:

Nearly 50% of men who received a 50ml injection of Botox, (botulinum toxin type A, the active component of Botox) as opposed to a placebo recorded significant erectile satisfaction. 25% were able to complete full penetrative sex.

All men involved in the study were severe and end-stage erectile dysfunction and had no ability to perform sexual intercourse. In such cases, the only option currently available to them is a costly penile prosthesis (surgical silicone implant).

Mr. Amr Raheem, who is leading this ground-breaking research and recently presented early findings at two major international medical conferences in China and the US said: “Erectile Dysfunction affects half the male population at some point in their lives and causes misery for millions of men.
“It is believed that the smooth muscle relaxation and increased blood flow to a man’s penis from a Botox injection could help him to maintain an erection and may last for up to 6 months. This offers a lifeline to both men and their partners and avoids costly surgical procedures. We are optimistic about the full trial results and hope to be offering the treatment at International Andrology London in early 2018.”
Full results will be available in September this year.
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About Erectile Dysfunction
For decades, the misery of erectile dysfunction (ED) has affected half the male population at some point in their lives. Behind this widespread and humiliating symptom, there may be a number of diseases which all have a direct effect on male sexual performance. Once hormonal imbalances, diabetes, neurological issues and depression have been eliminated and the problem is diagnosed as mechanical, the traditional treatment options have been either drug, shockwave therapy or the radical surgical intervention of a penis implant. The operation is costly, on average in excess of £15,000 and recovery can be painful.

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