5 Signs you may have Peyronie’s Disease

You have probably heard about Erectile Dysfunction. You may have read up about Premature Ejaculation. You may have even thought about Penis Enlargement. But have you heard about Peyronie’s Disease? Affecting 9% of men in the UK, irrespective of age, Peyronie’s Disease can affect any man at any time. Caused by excess scar tissue on the erection mechanism of the penis, usually following a micro-trauma during sexual activity, Peyronie’s disease main effect is a noticeable bending of the penis, sometimes as much as 90°, seemingly overnight.


To check your body for this disease, here are 5 signs you can look out for.


  1. You may feel a lump on your penis. This may feel hard or granular. To check, compare how your penis felt before and after and if you can feel a lump that wasn’t present before, it’s probably a good idea to obtain medical help to check.


  1. You may feel some painful stretching or an uncomfortable sensation when you develop an erection. If you feel a pain that you haven’t experienced before it is advisable to chat to an expert before it develops into a more dangerous situation.


  1. You may have noticed your penis bending during an erection, a penis should be relatively straight when erect. Not completely, no man is perfect and most men curve to one side or another, but any changes might indicate that you have Peyronie’s disease.


  1. You may have noticed that your penis has reduced in length or width. Peyronie’s can cause structural changes to your penis and the scar tissue might cause your erect penis length or girth to reduce.


  1. You may have experienced a sudden onset of weaker erections. Erectile Dysfunction can be a condition itself or a symptom of another illness. Peyronie’s Disease can lead to difficulty gaining and maintaining an erection due to the strain placed on the erectile mechanism. Luckily erectile dysfunction is almost always treatable and at International Andrology we can provide comprehensive treatment plans to tackle both Peyronie’s and Erectile Dysfunction.

These signs may sound scary or frightening and you may think that none of these things could happen to you. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do to stop the onset of the disease. However, seeking treatment for this condition is a first step on the road to recovery and expert opinion should be sought by a meeting in person, via the phone or skype with leading medical experts. Men’s clinics like International Andrology provide fast, expert opinion and a multitude of treatment options to fix this condition in all men.