New Research Proves that Sexual Dysfunctions often indicate another underlying critical health conditions and should never be ignored!

Don't suffer from Erectile DysfunctionRecent news reports have again highlighted a significant, often overlooked side to male sexual dysfunctions, that while these conditions can create pain, anxiety, embarrassment, divisions in partnerships and put a dampener on sexual activity, they also indicate that the individual may be suffering from other dangerous health conditions such as Diabetes, Testicular, Stomach and Skin cancer and many more.

Doctors at International Andrology have long provided men with clear advice that if they are suffering from symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction, other medical tests must be performed to better understand the cause of this ailment. However, recent research has shown that the difficult sexual condition is known as Peyronie’s Disease, which creates a severe upward curvature of the penis, can be a clear indicator that the individual is more susceptible to cancers of the sexual organs, the stomach and skin.

While Peyronie’s disease itself is a difficult condition for men to manage due to the physical and mental pain that may be experienced, the illnesses it apparently indicates are life-threatening to all men. What is still not completely clear is if men are more susceptible to suffering from Peyronie’s if they have a genetic link to their family or if there is no lineage for the disease.

Peyronie’s disease is thought to develop due to minor damage to the penis during normal daily activity such as sports or even sexual behaviour, which leads to a build-up of scar tissue called Plaque. This tissue causes the curvation of the penis which can make sexual activity difficult or impossible.

The latest research determined that men with Peyronie’s Disease have a 40% higher risk of developing testicular cancer and stomach cancer and melanoma or skin cancer is also increased by 29%.

Mental health symptoms also associated with the physical attributes are self-esteem issues, anxiety and trauma that can lead to depression in men if not addressed by a medical professional like those at International Andrology. With the latest research indicating that Peyronie’s Disease is a cancer indicator and our knowledge that Erectile Dysfunction can be a symptom of Diabetes, Vascular conditions and bad lifestyle habits such as drinking, smoking and dietary abuse, it is more than ever extremely important that men monitor their health closely and pay attention to the symptoms they are experiencing and seek help from experienced medical professions with key insight into male sexual disorders.

Catching these conditions early, or even preventing them from developing is always the best position for patients to be in. Utilising treatments for Peyronie’s Disease such as a medication called Xiapex, treating Erectile Dysfunction with Shockwave therapy, discussing surgery protocols or medication are all successful methods that can be evaluated and actioned and can be life-changing. Working with an experienced doctor provides men with the most successful path to treat these conditions and identify other serious medical issues that can be prevented or managed. It’s clear that a man’s penis can mean the difference between life and death. Men should not let embarrassment lead to a death sentence.

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