Penile Implant


How will my Penis Look, Feel and Function after a Penile Implant

It is normal to have questions about the functioning and look of your penis after an implant operation given that a medical device will be inserted into your penis.

Most patients considering a penile implant ask about the following:

  • Look and feel of their penis after the implant

  • Quality of erections and sexual performance

  • Orgasm, sensation and ejaculation

  • Penis size

The short answer is that none of these concerns will be an issue. The only person that will be able to tell that you had an operation is yourself. This is why satisfaction rates for penile implants are the highest (>95%) among all the treatment options for ED. This section is dedicated in putting your concerns to rest.

The look and feel after the implant

The look and feel of the penis will be the same after the implant. The most advanced implants (three piece-inflatable) have been designed specifically to feel as natural as possible and not detract from your sexual satisfaction. Unless you tell your partner you had a penile implant, they will be unable to tell. The only difference is how you achieve your erection. see for your self in the following video:

If your partner is not aware of your implant you can excuse yourself to the bathroom before sexual activity, induce an erection and then proceed with intercourse.

Quality of erections and sexual performance

The quality of erections with an implant is excellent. In fact, many patients feel that their erections after a penile implant are the hardest that they have experienced.

Beyond treating ED, a penile implant can boost your sexual performance significantly. With an implant you will NEVER lose your erection during sex and the hardness will always stay the same irrespective of when and how many times you have intercourse – this is something that even young men with naturally achieved erections may be unable to achieve.

Orgasm, sensation and ejaculation

The penile implant replaces your damaged erection muscle (corpora cavernosa) without affecting anything else. Patients with an implant are able to orgasm and ejaculate normally. In fact, with an implant you can maintain your erection (if you choose so) even after ejaculation allowing you to ejaculate and orgasm multiple times, without experiencing reduced erection hardness.

Penis Size

Many patients seeking a penile implant have been experiencing severe erectile dysfunction for many years or require an implant because of radical prostatectomy or Peyronie’s disease. Most of these patients will have already experienced some level of erect penile length loss and are concerned that they may loose even more after a penile implant.

Whereas a majority of patients will not experience any significant penile length loss due to the implant surgery, in certain cases patients may lose some length (0.5 – 1.5cm). This will in general depend on:

Our doctors are specialized in minimizing penile length loss following a penile implant and in fact, for patients that have already experienced significant length loss after prostatectomy or Peyronie’s or any other size concern, we can restore or even increase your penis size using an AMS 700 LGX IMPLANT or by utilizing more advanced surgical techniques.

Beyond the erect length, an added benefit of a penile implant is that the flaccid penis will in general be longer after the operation.

I am considering a Penile Prosthesis option. What should I do next?

If you are considering having a penile prosthesis operation, we advise you to book a consultation with one of our highly experienced doctors. Our clinic is one of the few high volume penile prosthesis centres in the country and we are confident that we can assist you in choosing the best treatment option.

During the consultation, the doctor will carry out a thorough evaluation of your erectile dysfunction issues, assess whether you are a viable candidate for penile implant surgery, discuss the different options for the penile implant operation and answer any questions that you may have.