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International Andrology London is a member of International Andrology, the world’s leading network of physician owned andrological practices, having successfully treated over 40,000 patients.

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Leading Doctors

Our doctors are true pioneers having played major roles in the development and improvement of many of the modern uro-genital operating techniques and andrological treatments.

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Pioneering Medicine

We offer the most advanced treatments for men’s health always applying the latest medical research and technological developments.


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How NOT to Enlarge your Penis

Don’t be Fooled by Silly Options that Promise to Enlarge your Penis! The two most successful ways of increasing your penis size are to either enhance the girth through autologous fat injection or fillers, (artificial or natural) and the length through a surgical...

Erectile Dysfunction & Diabetes: A silent epidemic

1 in 16 people in the UK is either diagnosed or is living with an undiagnosed diabetic condition We hear it reported in the news weekly, read it in the papers and peruse it on the internet. The growing rate of diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions across the UK...

The UK Sex, Porn and Size Digital Report, 2017

As a leading men’s health clinic, we are actively engaged in research on sexual attitudes and how these relate to issues like erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorders, couple’s intimacy and penis size anxiety among others. Our latest survey has revealed...