Penis Size & Penis Enlargement


Penis Enlargement Exercises

One of the first methods attempted to enlarge men’s penis are exercises which involve stretching the penis so as to increase its length.

These exercises can be performed with or without the use of medical devices (stretchers or vacuum erection devices) and there are various techniques that have been proposed and tried – see here for example.

There is some evidence that penis exercises can help you increase your penis size (mainly the length) and we do recommend mechanical self-modelling for all our patients who undergo penis surgery. Whereas the primary reason we recommend it is to prevent penile retraction and/or increase blood flow to the penis and promote faster healing, it is quite evident that for some patients, this will also result in further size increases.

However, it is also quite clear that:

  • For the majority of patients, the results will not be very profound and usually less than 1cm;

  • Even achieving these modest results, requires extreme dedication and more than 6-8 hours of daily stretching for many months

  • Patients need to be quite careful when performing these exercises since it is not uncommon to damage their urethra, neuro-vascular bundle and even their erection mechanism.

In any case, if you decide to try out penis enlargement exercises, we do advise using one of the medical devices (our recommendation is the Phallosan Forte stretcher) since it is generally safer compared to manual stretching and you would also be able to wear it during sleep thus allowing you to do it for longer hours per day.

I would like to increase the size of my penis. What should I do next?

If you are looking to increase the size of your penis, we advise that you book a consultation with one of our highly experienced doctors. During this consultation, our doctor will examine you and explain all possible treatments options in detail, discuss the size you wish to achieve and answer any questions you may have.