Penis Size & Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement

Preparing for Penis Enlargement Surgery

All the penis enlargement operations are day-care meaning that it is not required to stay in the hospital. Most of the operations take 1-2 hours and after resting for another 2-3 hours you can return to your accommodation. As such the preparation process is minimal and consists of the following steps:


You will be given a pre-operative questionnaire which you must return to us prior to your surgery via email, post or in person.


You must arrange to be looked after for the first 24 hours by a responsible adult. This is usually a relative or friend. If you are taking a taxi home your ‘responsible adult’ must travel with you.

If you have children at home you must arrange childcare for your children for at least the first 24 hours. How long this will be required will depend on the type of procedure you are undergoing.

Please ensure that you wear loose, comfortable clothing which is easy to put back on when you go home. Also please ensure that your genital areas is fully shaved.

Please bring with you:

  • Any tablets, medicines or inhalers that you are currently taking (tablets in their original boxes please)
  • Something to help you pass the time such as a book, magazines or your Kindle / iPad etc.
  • Spectacles /contact lenses and case

You will have a small locker next to your bed space for your personal possessions. Storage space is very limited so only bring with you essentials.


Ensure you are well hydrated the day before and if your procedure is in the morning please try and have a snack in the evening before going to bed.

Your email or letter detailing your appointment will inform you of the scheduled time of your procedure. It is essential that you follow the fasting instructions below. If you are not fasted we may have to postpone or cancel your procedure.

Why You Need to Fast

It is essential for your own safety during sedation or anaesthetic that your stomach is empty. If there is any food or liquid in your stomach during your anaesthetic, it could come up into the back of your throat and then go into your lungs. This would cause choking, or serious damage to your lungs.

  • You Need To Follow These Fasting Instructions
  • You should not take solid food or milk in the 6 hours before your procedure. However, you will be able to continue to take prescribed medicines.
  • You will be able to drink water up to 2 hours before your admission time.

I would like to increase the size of my penis. What should I do next?

If you are looking to increase the size of your penis, we advise that you book a consultation with one of our highly experienced doctors. During this consultation, our doctor will examine you and explain all possible treatments options in detail, discuss the size you wish to achieve and answer any questions you may have.