Peyronie's Disease


Penile implant surgery for Peyronie’s

Around 30% of patients suffering from Peyronie’s disease will also suffer from severe erectile dysfunction.

Although it is not entirely clear whether Peyronie’s leads to erectile dysfunction or the risk factors for these two diseases developing together, it is imperative that before proceeding with any treatment for Peyronie’s, a detailed evaluation of the erectile function of the patient is required.

For patients suffering from severe erectile dysfunction which does not respond to non-surgical treatment options, a simple straightening of the penile axis will not be adequate as insufficient rigidity may persist and impede sexual intercourse. These patients are best served with a penile implant (otherwise referred to as a penile prosthesis).

Penile prosthesis surgery involves replacing the damaged natural erection mechanism (corpora cavernosa), with a mechanical device, the penile prosthesis, that in effect allows the patient to induce erections on demand. To view our dedicated section with extensive information on a penile prosthesis, please click on the link below:

Penile prosthesis

I am suffering from a what I suspect is Peyronies disease, what should I do next?

If you believe you are suffering from Peyronies and it causes you significant concern we advise you to see a specialist urologist/andrologist.

Our doctors have vast experience treating Peyronies and our clinic is an international referral centre for patients suffering from this condition. We would be happy to review your case and treat you in our clinic.