Peyronie's Disease


What Is the Progress of Peyronies Disease?

Peyronies disease is a progressive disease that develops in two distinct phases. From the onset and for about 12 months, Peyronie’s disease is in the Acute Phase, during which the size and morphology of the plaque continue to develop.

Because of these ongoing changes, the symptoms will also tend to develop over time, sometimes noticeably and sometimes unseen. For most patients, the symptoms tend to become worse. However, for a small minority, they may improve and the plaque might even dissolve by itself. This takes place in around 13% of patients. During the acute phase, a number of treatment options are available that mainly aim to alleviate the disease symptoms and to a certain degree prevent disease progression.

One year from the onset of the disease, the plaque and the symptoms stabilise and all treatment options including surgery can be considered. At this stage, pain is no longer experienced in the majority of patients.

I am suffering from a what I suspect is Peyronies disease, what should I do next?

If you believe you are suffering from Peyronies and it causes you significant concern we advise you to see a specialist urologist/andrologist.

Our doctors have vast experience treating Peyronies and our clinic is an international referral centre for patients suffering from this condition. We would be happy to review your case and treat you in our clinic.